A Hex, A Hoax, A Guest, A Ghost

Anthony Hawley & Kirstin Lamb

April 23 - June 12, 2016

A Hex, A Hoax, A Guest, A Ghost, opening Saturday, April 23, 6-9pm, will feature work by Anthony Hawley (Lincoln, NE) and Kirstin Lamb (Providence, RI) and will be on view at Darger HQ through June 12.  The exhibition will be the first in Darger HQ’s newly renovated exhibition space at 1804 Vinton Street. 

Both Anthony Hawley and Kirstin Lamb’s work is driven by a fascination with the narrative, an interest in investigating pictorial cliché. 

In Anthony Hawley’s hybrid practice, he makes installations, objects, performances and writings that transform everyday images and materials to create a sense of foreignness or of being a foreigner in one’s own country. His work is driven by a fascination with narrative and stories, and in particular what happens when the things we think we know so well—language, our bodies, etc—break down and what is released in those moments.  Hawley is particularly interested the blending of fiction and reality in our lives and how easily we get lost in between.

Kirstin Lamb has dedicated herself to a series of arrangements of paintings in space, pictures of pictures, and depictions of salon interiors.  These pictures are derived from a fascination with Vanitas still life, cabinets of curiosity, and paintings of paintings ranging from Matisse's Red Studio to David Teniers' depictions of the collection of Archduke Leopold of Austria.  Lamb is interested in how paintings retain their relevance by taking on ideas of death of painting or a kind of comedic curation-as-painting. She confronts the doubt so prevalent in painting by channeling the narrative content of the work through a distended process of accumulating not only imagery but multiple surfaces and frames within the one composition.