We strive to be the catalyst that makes Nebraska a global player in contemporary art discourse.


Darger HQ connects Nebraska contemporary artists to the world by creating discourse and collaborations between local artists and national and international artists.  We develop partnerships that benefit artists by providing new means of support through combined private and nonprofit sources.  Darger HQ educates, enriches and exposes the community to some of  the most inventive contemporary art being produced today.  We expose the world to innovative contemporary art from Nebraska, and bring awareness of it, around the world.

How We Do It

  • We provide an uncensored environment for artist exhibitions

  • We award artists with exhibition/project stipends

  • We facilitate collaborations between artists from Nebraska and beyond

  • We commission innovative projects

  • We publish Art Files of the Flatlanders to promote contemporary art critical discourse

  • We connect artists  to wide-ranging audiences through artist talks, studio visits, and public art projects

  • We make sure artists are paid fairly for their work

  • We contribute to a more inclusive, global, positive, and creative community.

About the Name

Artist Henry Darger worked as a custodian his entire life and no one ever saw his work during his lifetime.  From Nebraska, we support under-represented contemporary visual artists, both local and out-of-state. We value artists who bring innovation, risk, and skill.


Darger HQ is a volunteer-run organization comprised of generous artists, arts professionals, and community leaders. 

Board of Directors

Launa Bacon:  Chair | Marcy Eason: Secretary | Erin Sample: Treasurer | Myra Sontheimer |  Laura Vranes  

Advisory Board

Thomas C. Chung, Ben Clarkson, Fran Coca, Kim Darling, Stefan F. DeBeer, Sophie Dvořák, Kristina Estell, Kerry Kolenut, Victoria Grasso, Anthony Hawley, YK Hong, Julia Ibbini, Elizabeth Kauffman, Ellina Kevorkian, Kirstin Lamb, Jean-François Leboeuf, Adam Price, Freya Prowe, Maja Radanovic, Craig Roper, Angel Settell, Angela Simione, Garric Simonson,  Leigh Tarentino, Roswitha Weingrill, Elizabeth Wells, Ripley Whiteside, Michael Willett


Generous support provided by

David Clark Framing | Eagle Group | Loft & Craft | Relish Lunch and Catering | Stephen L and Caroline W. Sontheimer Fund in honor of Matthew & Myra Sontheimer | Layne R. & Pamela Yahnke Charitable Fund

Anonymous | Adrian Armstrong | David & Virginia Bacon | Jefferson Bacon | Launa Bacon | Jen Bockelman | Wayne Briner | Kevin Brown | Tim Burke | Butch Dick | Fran Coca | Thomas C. Chung | Jessica Dahlgren | Joel & Kate Damon | Kim Darling | Stefan de Beer | E*vax | Claire Eason | Marcy Eason | Michael Eason | Janet Ryan Eason | Kerry Eddy | Kathy Estell | Krista Freimuth | Sandra Fossum | Meredith Fuller | Peggy Gomez | Ramon Guzman | Jaim Hackbart | Sam Hardewig | Camille Hawbaker | Anthony Hawley | Taura Horn | Amy Johnson | Joseph Johnson, Jr. | Peggy Jones | Josie Karre | Trish Keefer | Ellina Kevorkian | Kong & Olive | Victoria Kovar | Brad Kreiger | Michael Krainak | Michael Ian Larsen | Troy Larsen | Kirstin Lamb | Sas Liska | Jean-François Leboeuf | Debra Marusich | Loren Macias | Jeremy Menard | Fortner McDowell | John McIntyre | Yvette Molina | Tye OsBurn | Out of the Box | Jamie Pestersen | Plack Blague | Freya Prowe | Adam Price | Reagan Pufall | RAWS | Tanner Reckling | Craig Roper | Kate Running | Jay Rybin | Angel Settell | Luke Severson | Angie Seykora | Dan and Kathy Schinstock | DJ Spencelove | Robert Stewart | Angela Simione | Steve Snell | Matthew & Myra Sontheimer |  Kim Steele | Jim Stevens | Jody Strauch | Jodi Sumoski | Leigh Tarentino | Ryan Tewell | Laura Timbrook | Nolan Tredway | TripleScorpio | Bart Vargas | Samuel Venhaus | Nick Nolte & Vicki Vopalensky | Roswitha Weingrill | Lisa Wells | Rebecca Wingate | Ripley Whiteside